Conversing With Nursing – Group Workshop

  • Are you frustrated with your current care relationship?
  • Has it shifted into a conflict every time you attempt to provide assistance?
  • Is an increase in confusion or anxiety affecting their perception of reality?


Caring for another’s physical and emotional well-being can be daunting. Now multiply the magnitude of that situation if the person is experiencing the challenges of aging, mental health concerns and or cognitive decline.

Anxiety, depression, agitation and confusion can often be present in both the person needing care as well as the one providing it .Both parties have a difficult job and are often placed in an uncomfortable position, be it socially or physically. Many people feel overwhelmed and ask where do I go from here?  . Find hope and practical tools to help you navigate through what may seem to be an overwhelming situation.

Learn to work as a team! And why not a high performance team?

Let my nursing and Scouting leadership experience help you to develop a new approach and perspective to find a better way to team build while providing care. There is an easier way! My professional problem solving skills combined with your mindful approach can be the difference in the quality of your care experience.

You’ll gain a better appreciation for:

  • Improved Communication
  • The gift of different perspectives and feedback
  • How Teams Work
  • Becoming the leader when needed
  • When to know a higher level of care is needed.

If maintaining a positive relationship is your goal, let me help you to navigate these areas. By developing a plan of care to address these concerns, I’ll help you to hold on to your center so they can hold on to theirs. You’ll come away with a strategic plan of action to help maintain a positive relationship with those you care for.

Three-Part Workshop Series:

Three 2-hour interactive workshops are held weekly over three weeks.


Workshop dates to be determined. Please contact Bobbi to inquire about workshop schedule.


The Sage Center for Wholeness & Health
10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Bldg 3
Beaverton, OR 97005
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$170 (3-part workshop series)


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