The Caregiver’s Survival Guide

The Eight R’s of Care

No, these are not the ones we learned in school, but rather a set of effective techniques to help you to manage most behavioral challenges that you may encounter. The eight “R’s” of care are beneficial anytime you are dealing with those exhibiting difficult or unsafe behaviors.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Respond
  • Realign
  • Reset
  • Reason
  • Relate
  • React
  • Remember
  • Reassure

These can be utilized with someone experiencing crisis of any kind. Your responses and actions in these times can make the difference between a positive resolution or a negative outcome. Obtain the tools to provide leadership and guidance when it is needed the most.

After the issue has deescalated, learn the most important part of conflict resolution: how to restore peace and well-being to those affected.

Compassionate Caregiving

What is compassionate caregiving and how will it help me? 

Emotional intelligence is the idea that an ability to understand and manage emotions greatly increases our chances of success. Wouldn’t that be a great tool to have? Yes it would, especially when caring for someone that you have an adversarial or oppositional relationship with.

So how do I develop this? It’s really easier than you might think.

In this course you’ll learn:

  1. How to become more socially aware.
  2. How to control your thoughts more easily.
  3. How to be more authentic in your relationships.
  4. How to protect yourself from emotional sabotage.
  5. The importance of an apology.
  6. The power of feedback.

We’ll look at seeing the “Big Picture” as it applies to our perspectives and responses to other’s psychological and social needs. Learn that we all just want to be valued and heard and that it is more important to understand than to be understood.

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