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Cognitive Enhancement

Would you like to fight back against memory loss and cognitive decline?

You can train to maintain your brain! The science is everywhere. The brain thrives on learning new things. As we age, or deal with a chronic condition, the opportunities for that often decrease. By using our brains in new ways, we have some tools to fight back. Doing routine things in new ways and viewing things from different perspectives are often enough to encourage increased alertness, focus and maybe even a way of having a little fun. 

For example, just attempting to brush your teeth with your opposite hand is a way of creating new neural pathways or increasing neural plasticity. It doesn’t come naturally. You have to THINK about it!

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Identify the potential causes of cognitive decline.
  • Attempt to understand the profound impact of living with it.
  • Learn new ways to react its negative impacts.
  • Learn some easy and practical activities to exercise your brain and that of those you care for.

We’ll explore effective exercises and techniques to increase cognitive enhancement which are simple to do and teach. Let’s stimulate new neural pathways in the brain. Remember, if you rest you might rust!

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